Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Girl Can Dream........


I've been living in my "painting clothes" for two weeks now, and not really seeing any end in sight. I'm off for the next week from work and I am determined to finish my whole first floor.  I woke up this morning with this wonderful dream of how my life will look when my house is finished.   Dream on......

              My bedroom will look perfect every morning when I wake up......

stairs  I will constantly be descending stairs in flowing Haute Couture........

                                  Breakfast will look like this every morning.....

                                      After breakfast catch some rays at the pool.......

                                              Of course the pool will look like this......

                      Take a leisurely stroll through the Gardens.......

                         Afternoon Cocktails a must.......

dinning room
                  A nice intimate Dinner to follow.....

UGH, back to painting.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A New Year Will Bring Big Changes Here At My Grey Garden's!

kitchen reno
Happy New Year to all!  It's been some time since I've visited The Blog World.  I've been working like a crazy person saving money to finally get this kitchen in shape.  And boy does it need work.

kitchen reno
Plywood covers holes straight down to basement!  Gotta love that!

kitchen reno
Missing cupboards and mismatched subway tile with added fruit motif.  Need I say more on that one.

kitchen reno
And let us not forget the exposed hole in the wall that housed the lovely mouse house.  Oh and the termite damage in all corners of the floor.  Heater covers rusted and incomplete.

Here are some of my kitchen inspirations.....
kitchen reno
Matching tile, matching appliances and no holes in the floor will be a nice start!

kitchen reno
Adding natural and vintage elements and lots of Glam are on my list!

kitchen reno
I'm thinking of painting bottom cabinets a different color.  Adding new hardware is a must!

kitchen reno
Definitely incorporating a Vintage Cupboard is in the plans! All this on a VERY TIGHT BUDGET. Not the fake tight budgets that people throw out, "we did it all under $20,000." No no no, I have to do this all under $2000!  lol isn't that awesome!  My Brother said, "no problem."

Happy Renovating,